A Bit Unfit

A Bit Unfit

My husband got a new Fitbit when the company he works for started a health initiative. He was constantly updating me about his heart rate, how many steps he had taken that day and his sleep patterns. I usually answered, “That’s nice honey…” It seemed to motivate him to be healthier and I was happy for him.

Not long after he got his, he asked me if I wanted one. “Nah, I’m good,” I said. A few weeks later he asked again and I thought, “Okay, why not? I could stand to be healthier. I’ve wasted money on worse things…” So I said, “Sure, get me one.”

We looked online and I picked out the model and the color I wanted. I even ordered a ‘dressy’ band for when I want to wear my Fitbit out to dinner or to a party. (Lol.)

After receiving it, I followed the instructions and downloaded the app and set my goals. I went with the recommended 10,000 steps per day, 8 hours of sleep per night  and exercising 3 times per week. Reasonable goals, so I thought…

The first day, not only did I not reach my 10,000 step goal, I didn’t even reach 2000. This was eye opening to say the least! Okay, it is cold outside and I work a desk job, but man, that is not good!

My husband soon noticed that my average resting heart rate was 84 bpm. I was in ‘fat-burning mode’ all the time, even while I slept. “Is that bad?” I asked. His was 54 bpm. I then said, “Well, your a man, I’m sure it’s different for women, right?” So we Googled it and it was definitely on the high side.  I researched why a high heart rate wasn’t healthy and how to lower it. Reduce stress, exercise, meditate…

Many people have told me I am such a calm person. They enjoy talking to me because I have a quiet, soothing voice. In reality, on the inside, I’m wrapped tighter than a rubber band. I require a night guard wile I sleep because I clench my teeth. My mind races non-stop with all the things I have to get done and worry about daily, and now I’m worrying that I’m not doing enough to care for my health…

So, having a Fitbit has been eye-opening and is a good reminder to take better care of myself.  I love when I get a little vibration on my wrist and glance down to see the little stick figure guy jumping up and down saying, “Let’s move!” I decided that I’m going to start using the  bathroom at work on a different floor, so I  can get more steps – plus bonus stair points! I also like the reminder to take a break and do some deep breathing exercises for two minutes. I’m looking into Yoga. These are all good motivating factors to change.

I think recording my stats and giving me reminders, when I get too busy to keep myself in check, may be just what I needed. Sometimes I can get lost for hours sitting at the computer or on my phone. Looking up, stretching, walking, breathing fresh air and drinking more water shouldn’t be something I need to be told to do, but I’m astonished at how much I wasn’t doing. Perhaps since it is a new year, I can make a fresh start and make 2018 a better year for my overall health.

So, thank you Fitbit for helping this girl, who is a bit unfit, get back on track.


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